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My grandma's amazing story   10/14/2018

My grandma's amazing story I always saw my grandma as just being my grandma. I knew in the logical part of my brain, that she was once in her early twenties like I was, at the time of her tel

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The girl from the mail room   10/11/2018

The mail room delivery girl I had seen her around the building for a few but had never really stopped to talk to her. And being on the executive floor, I had no reason to speak with her since one

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Late night nude walks in the park   10/7/2018

Late night nude walks, in the park across from our downtown condo. Since my wife and I both have jobs in the city, we purchased a condo in a high rise, across from one of the major parks in the

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Our wedding ceremony and wedding night   10/7/2018

Our wedding ceremony and our wedding night. Addie and I didn't want a conventional wedding ceremony or a conventional wedding night. So we flew to Vegas and found a chapel that allow us a t

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Our perfectly dysfunctional marriage   10/5/2018

Our perfectly dysfunctional marriage I have had a girlfriend just about as long as I have been married. And my wife Marge has known about her, for nearly as long. But Marge and I have managed to

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My wife was in a "Bare Breasts Protest"   10/2/2018

My wife was in a bare breasts protest. My wife, Jan, was a seventh grade retired teacher, who helped organize our communities' first bare breast protest. Of course Jan had never done anythin

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Once a year, I prove to my wife she is still sexy   10/1/2018

Once a year, I prove to my wife she is still sexy I must start out by saying, we had never done anything like this before, ever. But Shelly, my wife had been down in the dumps for some time and I

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Growing up with nudist parents - (incest involved)   9/28/2018

Growing up with nudist parents ( included) Can't begin to explain how different it was, as kid with parents who were nudists. Especially after my older sister and I both became teenagers. We

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Confessions by an honest husband   9/28/2018

Confessions by an honest husband I should start out by telling you, that your husband truly does love you. But that doesn't mean his fantasies are now over. Most of the time it emboldens hi

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Having a much older girlfriend   9/23/2018

Having a much older girl friend I was out of college for only two years and still on my first real job when I ran into her one night after a bunch of us stopped for a few drinks. And Claudia had

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A sex club for mature couples   9/21/2018

A mature couples sex club Most people who see us shopping or doing other things on Saturday morning, probably think Judy and I are just another sweet, older couple. None of them would believe it

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I married the wrong sister   9/21/2018

I married the wrong sister When you marry into a large, Irish, Catholic family, the family quickly takes center stage. I met Rachel a few years out of high school, and was taken aback by her al

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Mary Sue had a sex problem   9/14/2018

Mary Sue had a sex problem. First time Mary Sue and I cheated on our spouses , I thought she felt as terrible as I did. Second time it got easier for us and it only took us just a few minutes

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Being a foolish yet creative old man   9/13/2018

Being a creative, foolish old man It would be a lot easier if they gave you a manual when you became an adult, telling you how things were supposed to work. But I didn't need one until later in

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The odds were against me -   9/10/2018

The odds were against me I was twenty six, single and in a bar one night when I spotted this amazing looking girl with a group of her girlfriends. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her but sh

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As teenagers, my sister and I got in the shower together   9/6/2018

I showered with my sister. The time my sister and I got in our shower together was probably the weirdest thing either of us had ever done, growing up. We were only ten months apart in age and I

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the once a year panty auction   9/4/2018

The once a year, panty auction The panty auction is always the most fun part of the evening and it also raises a lot of money for the charity each year. So, in the weeks leading up to the di

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Logan's parties, Logan's rules   9/3/2018

Logan's parties, Logan's rules He never has any problem finding lots of eager men to pick from, to show up for one of the parties, because he offers white pussy. And a lot of them adm

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My wife enjoyed a few gang bangs   8/30/2018

My wife enjoyed a few gang bangs in her day I believe there is this myth that women involved in gang bangs are forced into them and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I know a few wom

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The girl in the coin shop   8/30/2018

The girl in the coin shop I could see it in my mother's eyes, every Sunday when I went to her apartment for dinner. She stopped asking me when I was going to find a nice girl and settle down

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Married women make the best lovers.   8/28/2018

Married women make the best lovers I never got married, but I still knew a lot of fabulous married women, in my lifetime. And as I got older I found less and less single women and more and more mar

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Bare Pool Bar, in Vegas.   8/28/2018

Most fun ever, in Vegas at sixty My wife and I have been taking long weekend trips to Vegas since we were in our twenties. Can't emphasize enough how the place has changed, some things for

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One man's trash, my treasure   8/26/2018

One man's trash, my treasure I often wonder if it had not been a rainy night , would anything that happened have ever happened? Part of me says no, it never would have happen and I wonder h

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My wife loved hotel sex   8/22/2018

My wife loved hotel sex I didn't travel a great deal for business, back then, except for about once every month or two, I had to be away from home for a couple of nights. And for some

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The, Guess Who Game   8/21/2018

The " guess who game" A close friend of mine first told me about the bedroom game his wife and him played. I was both surprised and a bit shocked. But when he then asked me if I wanted

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Housewives in porn movies   8/21/2018

Amateur porn movies If you are anything like me, I watch quite a few short porn movies, online. Even more since I retired although my personal sex life had really slowed down, I still enjoy wat

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The gas station, bathroom incident   8/18/2018

The gas station, bathroom incident Did you ever have one of those moments when you did something really stupid and realized it beforehand but couldn't stop yourself? I was supposed to pick up

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Glenda & Gala, my nerdy neighbors   8/16/2018

Glenda and Gala my nerdy neighbors. I had never really spoken to either of them or gotten to know them during the first two they lived next door to me. And it wasn't that I was not a friend

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Our masturbation room   8/10/2018

We called it "Our Masturbation Room." I met her at the grocery store where I bagged groceries and we sort of flirted every now and then even though I was only sixteen and she was married.

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Don't blow your only chance   8/8/2018

I told her, "Don't blow you only chance" I on Pornokut to write erotic stories and maybe chat with a few people, from time to time. I still happily married but at seventy , my sex lif

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She only wanted to be friends.   8/3/2018

She only wanted to be friends. What I knew about her before I called her that first time, was very little. My coworker had been telling me to call her friend for sometime before I finally agreed.

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We liked being alone when we did it.   8/3/2018

We like being alone when we did it. Whether it happens at our house or at theirs, as soon as the fun starts, Connie and I like to go off by ourselves. We usually just say good bye to our spouse

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A church boy impregnated my wife   7/30/2018

A church boy impregnated my wife. In our church, when a young man reaches the age of sixteen, they are assigned an older married woman to be their advisor and mentor . Tommy was sixteen at th

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My two best friends and sex   7/29/2018

My two best friends and sex Met them online , and they sounded like a fairly normal couple although you can never be sure what people are really like, until you meet them in person. They claimed

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Our lifelong slow dance   7/28/2018

Our slow, lifelong dance The story of my wife and I and our love affair. Doesn't exactly fit this platform but I thought I would post it anyway. Hope a few of you enjoy a real story. Love

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Big girls, Big fun   7/25/2018

Big girls, Big fun I discovered later in life that heavy set women are really the most sexy women around. Now, I am not talking huge as in extremely fat , but thirty, to fifty pounds overweight pr

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Cum, Watch & Play   7/22/2018

Cum , Watch & Play My wife, Alicia and I have had a very torrid sex life, but began searching for something new after a number of years of marriage. For Alicia and me it meant neither of us

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You can have your wife back in the morning   7/20/2018

"You can have your wife back in the morning" Paradise turned into Hell From the time my wife Jenny and I booked the cruise we were both extremely nervous. We were not nudists, never

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Best friends wife's, special request   7/18/2018

Best friends wife's, special request. I have experienced my share of uncomfortable situations before, but never one quite like this. I was thirty one and although still single, I was beginn

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Takes from an old wife swapper   7/18/2018

Tales from an wife swapper I can say, right up front, when I was younger and in my prime, swapping wives was the most exciting and fun thing I ever did. And husband's that swap wives,

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Aunt Ruby's dirty magazines   7/15/2018

Aunt Ruby's dirty magazines A few years ago my oldest brother, Robert called me to tell me our Aunt Ruby had passed away. She had been in a nursing home ever since she turned eight five and at

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Got drunk & posted wife's profile, online   7/12/2018

Got drunk & posted wife's profile, online About fifteen years ago, when my wife, Anna and I were in our early fifties, we got drunk one night and got kind of stupid, too. We really didn

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Ground Thunder   7/6/2018

Ground thunder It happens only once a and for many, many my wife and I anxiously took part in it. Forget that the idea is insane, the truth is, it was just plain fun. Some herds of animals h

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An amazing and confusing widow   7/4/2018

Amazing and confusing widow This is a story about how my first impression was so far off, I couldn't have been more wrong about a woman. My friends told me up front, she had been a wido

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The auction   7/1/2018

The auction A slave auction is really nothing like, you might imagine it would be like. And the auctions themselves aren't held in some dark dirty basement with the slaves kept in chains. Ev

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2 wives, 2 husband's, ONE MARRIAGE   6/29/2018

2 wives, 2 husband's , ONE Marriage This may not make much sense to some of you, so I will admit up front that it didn't' make sense to me either. when it was first discussed. I grew

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One floor down   6/28/2018

One floor down Some things in life , just don't always make any sense and this is my one time that I will think about years later. There aren't many nights after I have gotten home from

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Married women posing nude   6/26/2018

Married women posing nude Women have been taking off their clothes and posing for nude photos, ever since the camera was invented. And I mean women of every age, race and body size. And they do it

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My wife's massage   6/21/2018

My wife's massage It was our second day at the resort, when my wife returned to our suite, early afternoon from her massage, at the spa. And as soon as Marion walked in, I could tell some

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My wife and the neighbor kid   6/18/2018

My wife and the neighbor kid According to her story, he had helped her carry some packages., from her car into the house when she had him follow her into our bedroom. And apparently that is where

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Our small, three room brothel   6/16/2018

Our small, three room brothel, My wife and I have run a small, a rather low key brothel, for nearly thirty years and seldom have we ever had a problem. Nancy has always been able to find nic

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My grandfather's 75th birthday present   6/14/2018

My grandpa's 75th birthday present My grandfather was probably the most important person in my life besides my mother while I was growing up. My father had left us when I was just two , so i

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My South Korean surprise   6/12/2018

My South Korean surprise I had lived for sixty seven years and was pretty sure there were no more big, surprises , left in my life. But then I also realized I had not predicted the previous surpris

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Played like a puppet , by a 19 year old   6/9/2018

Played like a puppet, by a nineteen year old I offered a close friend's daughter, Heather a summer job at my business. . She was nineteen at the time, and was just about the cutest little thin

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Certain housewives, can really surprise you.   6/6/2018

Certain housewives can surprise you. As soon as a arrive each morning at work, the first thing I is check to see how many service calls I have to make that day. She was actually my third stop whi

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I am a creampie kind of guy   6/2/2018

I am a creampie kind of guy I sure never thought I would ever love a good creampie but I really did, after my very first one. And when John, a friend of ours finally climbed off of my wife and I

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Rich girl - Poor girl   6/1/2018

Rich girl, Poor girl Of course I knew what my sister was doing, to earn to our family during an very hard time. Our father had been laid off for nearly months and all of us kids could see the s

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Girl friend training took time and patience.   5/28/2018

It takes time and patience to get it right. I was heavily influenced, while growing up by an old neighbor, who taught me about sex and girls. It started when I was about thirteen and of course

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My 50 year affair with my cousin   5/26/2018

My 50 year affair with my cousin My cousin talked me into showing her, my cock and balls, when we were teenagers. So she snuck into my bedroom while my parents were shopping and had me drop my sho

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An honest look into nudism   5/26/2018

An honest look at nudism My wife and I, when we were much younger began to explore and enjoy a nudist lifestyle. And like a lot of nudist, we kept that as our private business since most people w

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4 days and 3 nights with a stranger.   5/24/2018

Four days and three nights with a stranger I have had a lot of surprises in my life but none of them, compared to the one this story is about. My day had started out like lots of other day

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When sex takes control   5/20/2018

When sex takes control We all moved into our new homes in a brand new subdivision at about the same time. My wife Sandy and I settled into our new home and were in it about a month or two. And th

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She said "We have a life to finish together"   5/18/2018

She said, "We have a life to finish, together." I was about to attend my thirtieth year class reunion and wondered if Becky would be there or not. Becky had been my first serious gir

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One special weekend with Tim''s mother.   5/16/2018

One special weekend with Tim's mother I was your typical sixteen year old boy who was always on the lookout for girls. I had my share of kisses and even managed to feel up, a couple of girls a

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I wish I had never seen her photo   5/14/2018

I wish I had never seen her photo, online As a retired gentleman with lots of time on my hands, one of the ways I pass the time is to browse on the internet. And some of the sites I browse are th

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Seeing her photo online   5/13/2018

I wish I had never seen her photo, online <br><br> As a retired gentleman with lots of time on my hands, one of the ways I pass the time is to browse on the internet. And some of the s

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The lodge and the once a year special show   5/11/2018

The lodge and the once a year special show Warning: Contains blunt language that may be offensive for some readers. You have to know some really important in the lodge to even have a chance at

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Living with my mother and two aunts   5/8/2018

I grew up with my mother and two aunts. I didn't grow up in a typical family with a mother and a father. I had a mother and my mother's two sisters, my aunts Marie and Mary. And we all lived

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Who said good friends can't enjoy intercourse?   5/5/2018

Who said good friend can't enjoy intercourse? My wife and I have been enjoying intercourse with our two best friends for the past thirty years. And we all believe it has made both marriag

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Who said good friends can't enjoy intercourse?   5/5/2018

Who said good friend can't enjoy intercourse? My wife and I have been enjoying intercourse with our two best friends for the past thirty years. And we all believe it has made both marriag

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One week, after she buried her husband   4/18/2018

week, after she buried her husband. I had known John and his wife Jules for nearly ten so when I got word of his passing, after a long battle with cancer, I wasn't surprised but it did sad

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Stripper pole was supposed to be a joke   4/16/2018

Stripper pole: It was supposed to be a joke This is my account about a time when my wife and I, lived on a very quiet circle and what was supposed to be joke, changed everything. One of our ne

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Wives and bulls (A few tips)   4/12/2018

Wives who take on bulls. A few tips. When we were a lot younger, my wife Jean and I got into evenings where I shared her with a bull. I liked to sit back and watch the fun. I didn't know a lot

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We are called husband and wives   4/9/2018

We are called husband and wives I always assumed, once I was married, my life would roll along, pretty much like my parent's lives had. I would get married, have a few kids and grow old w

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One of my girlfriends had a husband   4/4/2018

One of my girlfriends had a husband It's quite different when your girlfriend is married and you have to work around her husband, but it is not impossible. But Marybeth and I have made it wo

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I always preferred older women   4/4/2018

I always preferred older women I am not sure if my strong desires for women would have developed on its own. But with the help of a middle aged neighbor lady, when I was just thirteen, my desire

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My diary: A week on a sailing cruise   3/31/2018

My diary: A week on a sailing cruise There isn't a lot of explanation necessary because the cruise was called, "Naked Sailing" and that pretty much explains our vacation. My wife

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I shouldn't have listened to my dad   3/29/2018

I shouldn't have listened to my dad. He always claimed there were two kinds of girls. He always said there girls you can have fun with and then there are girls you should consider marrying.

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Everything in life has a price   3/26/2018

Be careful what you wish for! I was like a lot of husband's in their early forties, who wished my wife would be a little more open minded, when it came to our sex life. Jennifer was still a gre

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The open market. (A way to disappear)   3/24/2018

The open market Helen and I had lived a pretty quiet life in the suburbs, not really socializing with many of our neighbors. We had never been the party going kind of a couple, and preferred quie

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Short story: Doing the right thing   3/21/2018

Doing the right thing. I don't know how I would have gotten through my teenage years without help from my friend, Rosie. I had known her since I was little and in fact Rosie was just part of t

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Calling it quits, after I lost my wife.   3/19/2018

Neither of us, wanted to date any more. At sixty two years old, I felt fortunate to have three grown daughters and a comfortable retirement. Granted I never expected to be alone when I reached ret

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My most embarrassing teenage moment   3/14/2018

My most embarrassing teenage moment I had really gotten into girls big time, by the time I could drive. Dating was by far the best thing I did and I went after every girl I could. I wasn't t

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My Man Cave was called "Boob Cave"   3/11/2018

My man cave, was called " Boob Cave " One of my goals in life, was to someday have my very own man cave, in our basement. I drew out plans for my dream year after year, while our kids w

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A shocking surprise on my laundry route   3/8/2018

A shocking surprise on my laundry route. I had taken the job, more for something to do, than for any other reason. I was ty at the time and had enjoyed retirement for a year when it got rather

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The Happy Campers Club   3/6/2018

The Happy Campers Club Our plans were always to both retire when we turned sixty so Patty and I would have enough years and our good health, to travel at will. We began looking at campers and mo

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It was very taboo back in the seventies   3/2/2018

It was very taboo back in the ties First time Randy was introduced to me at work, I thought he seemed like a great guy. And since I was in charge of the loading docks and Randy was going to be w

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Farn life and farm secrets   2/28/2018

Farm life and farm secrets My wife's family had owned the farm for three generations and when her parents got too old, they passed it on to us to fun. Judith's parents still lived out the

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Becoming the other man - Didn't go according to plan   2/24/2018

Becoming the other man Met them online and right from the start they seemed to be ok. They claimed they had never done anything like this before, but wanted to explore and expand their sex life

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Quiet middle aged woman in my office had lots of surprises   2/21/2018

Quiet middle aged woman in my office, had lots of surprises. Sharon was rather old fashion, in the way she dressed, and because of her outfits, everyone make jokes about her behind her back. B

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My wife use to work at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada   2/20/2018

My wife use to work at the Bunny Ranch I met her years ago on one of my many trips to Las Vegas. I was in my late twenties at the time and still single. I had been going to Vegas a few times

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My wife offered rewards to our teenage son   2/17/2018

My wife offered rewards to our teenage son When my son was sixteen, he had become too much for his mother, my ex wife, to handle, so he came to live with me and Cynthia, my new wife. And within a

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I loan my wife out for dinner dates   2/15/2018

I loan my wife out for dinner dates We had a very traditional marriage for the first twenty years and then we began to experiment. And this only came about because a close friend of ours didn't

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Married friends with benefits   2/13/2018

Married friends with benefits Over the years we proved two couples who are truly best of friends, can also include intimacy in their friendship and not damage either marriage. Although none of u

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Married for ten years but not really   2/10/2018

Married for ten years but not really We were just twenty three years old, when our marriage was already falling apart, all around us . The hopes we once had, as high school sweethearts, wasn't

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I wanted a girlfriend - My wife wanted a boyfriend   2/7/2018

I wanted a girlfriend - My wife wanted a boyfriend This is a story about the longest hour of my life. My wife Megan, had not gotten home yet, by the time I arrived shortly after midnight. And I

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3 women I knew, loved sex as much as I did.   2/5/2018

I knew three wild women in my life. Sex, pretty much became my only focus from a very early age. I was naturally curious, obviously eager and more than willing to get started. I had not yet learn

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I met a lady with a cuckold husband   2/3/2018

I met a lady with a cuckold husband I remember the very first time she invited me over to their home, so we could get to know each other better, as she put it. I had been out, after work one nig

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Our age differences caught up with us.   1/29/2018

We knew this day would come This is our hst account of the joys of falling in love with each other and being married. And then the eventual personal struggles we had, because of our age differenc

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Semi public nudiity games we played.   1/27/2018

Rainy day fun. Semi public nudity. Denise and I had actually met on an online dating service and seemed to hit it off rather quickly. I liked her personality, right from the start. Straight

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At 16. she stripped for a bunch of boys in an empty garage.   1/23/2018

My cousin Dory. We all seemed to have cousin who never seems to fit in with the rest every else because they are a nerd. And in my family, her name was Dory. Her real name was Dorthina but

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Sex after sixty, can get pretty wild   1/21/2018

An older couple living the wild life Funny thing is, we were never wild people when we were younger. We each had respectable, normal marriages and we both also had children with our spouses at

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Older and trying to date again   1/17/2018

I am older and wanted to try dating again. I discovered that dating, now that I was older was very different than when I first began dating as a teenage boy. I was a widower and after a couple ye

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We met every ten years   1/16/2018

A lifelong love affair When Kathy and I were just fourteen, we began to go together although now I have no idea what that meant back then. Of course neither of us could drive yet, and her parents w

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I helped a friend's wife try out her fantasies   1/14/2018

I helped a friend's wife try out her fantasies. Some women have desires they hide forever. And then some other women find the courage to explore their fantasies, even if they are really dark

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I fell in love with a stripper   1/13/2018

I fell in love with a stripper. When I first met Sophie, she was just like a breath of fresh air that came into my life. She was cute, she was sexy and I loved watching her dancing up on the

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A friend pushed his wife and me to get together   1/11/2018

A friend pushed his wife and me to get together When Mike began making odd comments about his wife and her sexual needs, I wasn't sure what to make of it. I had never been put, in such an awkwa

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My business meeting turned sexual   1/9/2018

My business meeting turned sexual I had known Sam for nearly twenty years and found him to be a tough competitor but also a fair minded business man. We always ended up bidding on the same large co

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A private auction for people seeking the unusual.   1/7/2018

A private auction for people seeking the unusual. Once our decision was made, Leslie and I made contact with an agent in Chicago, who could assist us, through the process. And even though we lived i

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Being a fun girl, not a good girl   1/6/2018

Learning to be a fun girl, instead of a good girl. Our small, close knit group gets together about once a month, for a party, at one of our homes. It is discreet, closed to the public and allows

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A weekend with a special niece   1/3/2018

A weekend with a very special niece. From the time I first met Laura, I thought she was a sweet, bubbly little girl. My wife and I had just moved back into the area where her sister Elaine and E

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Being a super hero (A love story)   1/1/2018

I didn't set out to be anyone's super hero I never lived my life trying to be a super hero for anyone. And I never married although I always thought I would someday, until the some days g

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Crossing the line with our best friends.   12/29/2017

Crossing the line with our best friends. It started night as a joke when my wife and I were ing cards with our best friends. And it was fairly common when the of us got together that jokes almos

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The BMW club   12/28/2017

The BMW Club A friend of mine owns several auto dealerships and came up with an ingenious idea. And I was quite excited the first time I called the number he had given me, and spoke with a nice s

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My one afternoon, with a soccer mom   12/23/2017

My one afternoon, with a soccer mom I don't think any of us know or realize was is really going on inside some of the women's minds, even if we think we know them. This is the story abo

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Our marriage rules changed when I was overseas.   12/21/2017

Our marriages rules changed when I was overseas. Our marriage had been different than most other marriages, almost from the start. Most of our friend's husband's who worked near their ho

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Finding a foreign wife, online   12/17/2017

Finding a foreign wife, online. When I turned sixty, I didn't have the time or the energy to find another wife, the usual way. But that is what is so great about the internet, because I did

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My sister worked at a masage parlor   12/14/2017

Working at the massage parlor After of marriage, our sex life definitely changed, when my sister went through a divorce and had to move in with us. Our home was by no means huge but Debbie and

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A fifty year old virgin   12/12/2017

A fifty year old virgin. To look at Margret, the last thing that would come to mind is, "what a sexy woman." It also never came into my mind either, the first time I ran into her in th

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We were the odd couple. I was 47 and she was only 20   12/9/2017

We were the odd couple. I was 47 and she was only 20. I will admit up front that we were certainly an odd couple but we got along very well. I was forty seven at the time and Paul daughter, Sarah

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A rumor made us do something really stupid as friends.   12/8/2017

A rumor made us do something really stupid as friends. My wife and I ended up doing a really stupid thing, all because a rumor that began to swirl within our group of close friends. It was teen y

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She was my mentor and my mother's best friend.   12/6/2017

She was my mentor was my mother's best friend. Her name was Claudia and she was my mother's best friend and she ended up teaching all about sex. Looking back now as a man, I guess I wo

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Looking out, from inside of an affair   12/3/2017

Looking out, from the inside of an affair. I had been raised to believe that once married, you remain married and faithful to that one special woman, until death do you part. So when I said I do,

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Love thy neighbor   12/1/2017

Love they neighbor My wife Connie and I got involved in interracial relationships for a number of , a very long time ago. And a few people that are into this lifestyle will understand why we did,

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Both families had to approve of any marriaige   11/30/2017

Both families had to approve of any marriage I grew up in a very Italian family and the rules we lived by were not the same as most of my non-Italian friends. Sophia was just teen when I notic

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My girlfriend had a husband   11/27/2017

My girlfriend had a husband. When I first met Christy she looked so good, I really didn't mind that she had a wedding ring on. Great face, petite body and the kind of woman who looked like sh

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Sexy women that are over a hundred and fifty pounds.   11/25/2017

Sexy at a hundred and fifty pounds, plus All the women are brought into the barn in a single file, totally butt naked for everyone to view and gawk over. And my girl friend Cindy was fourth in l

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Good friends and good sex. It was hard to control.   11/21/2017

Good friends and good sex. It was hard to control. When Sally and I were both totally naked and finally laid down on the bed at the same time, I felt the real impact of what we were all doing.

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Anatomy of my wife's only gangbang.   11/19/2017

Anatomy of my wife's only gangbang I often use to ask myself, what sensible woman would ever want to be involved in a gang bang. And the next question was what kind of husband did she have,

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My mother in law and I fell in love   11/16/2017

My mother in law and I fell in love I think we were both terribly nervous when we arrived at the airport as part of our plan to fly to Vegas to get married. It was a huge gamble, and neither of

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Two older people discovering sex again.   11/12/2017

Two older people discovering sex again. I can safely say I never thought when I got to the ripe old age of sixty six, I would have my first affair but I did. Just over forty faithful, wonder years o

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Best friends wife asked, "Will you knock me up?"   11/10/2017

Best friend wife asked, "Will you knock me up?" That is basically the dilemma my wife Jackie and I were faced with after Rob and Lana asked us for this huge favor. Jackie and I had been

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A real story about two really good people and sex   11/7/2017

A story about two really good people and sex. Sex is just sex but it is also so much more between two people after sharing those moments together for a long time. And that is exactly what happene

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At 15 I made made a business deal with a neighbor lady   11/4/2017

The neighbor lady stripped for me. Out my front door and down three houses on the right, is where she lived alone, as far as I knew,. And when I was fifteen, she agreed to strip for me so I could f

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My cousin and I had a love child together   10/31/2017

My cousin and I had a love child together. My cousin Judy is two years older than me, has been married three times and has children from two of her husband's and one from me. That was a mistake

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THe fun and excitement of having a slut wife   10/29/2017

The fun and excitement of having a slut wife It is something that some men want while other's find the idea of their wives being a slut wife, horrifying. I thought I would be in the horrified

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Home made porn turned into love   10/27/2017

Homemade porn turned into love I have always loved women of all ages but as I got older, I found it harder to get younger women to go out with me. And by the time I reached my fifties, women in

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My family is different   10/25/2017

My family is different Not all families look the same and in my case, mine looks very different than most. In all I have eight wives that I sincerely love and they sincerely love me, too. But wh

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My friend took baths with his mother   10/22/2017

My friend took baths with his mother. I was fifteen when my friend, Roger first told me that every once in a while his mother let's him take a bath with her. So when he told me about him a

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Chemistry and Romance at the Campground.   10/20/2017

Chemistry & romance at the campground. It was early one morning and the fresh air smelled so good I just had to get out of bed and start the day. So I decided just to go for a nice long, morni

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Joints and marriage   10/18/2017

We decided we didn't want a traditional marriage. We might be in our sixties now, but we still both enjoy some good pot, every now and then. It has never taken over our lives but it is, a o

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We messed up once and our marriage survived.   10/15/2017

We messed up once and our marriage survived. Jean, my wife and I met up with an old college buddy of mine and we ended up having a threesome. It is not something Jean and I ever did before or

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Something clicked. Fell in love in two hours   10/14/2017

Something clicked. Love in two hours Denise and I had met one evening while I was traveling on business, and she walked into the hotel lounge just off the lobby. And the only reason I noticed her

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Playing with my neighbors   10/11/2017

The two strangest nights of my life. What appeared to be a very normal couple, moved in across the street from me and right off the bat I liked Fred and Nancy. They were in their forties, like me

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My wife's friend was also her sugar daddy.   10/10/2017

My wife's , friend and sugar daddy! At first, my wife complained every time she had to put on her outfit, before she went to work. "It's way too tight or It doesn't really cove

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My twin sister, Uncle Bob and me   10/6/2017

My twin sister, uncle Bob and me. When my twin sister and I turned twelve, our Uncle Bob wanted to take some pictures of us together. HIs hobby had always been photography so Tammy and I were thri

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Married women are the best lovers   9/30/2017

Married women are the best lovers She usually tells me, when I call her that , she is not going to meet with me, anymore. And then after a few minutes of lecturing me how I don't respe

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Her "Forever" wasn't long enough   9/30/2017

How I ended up with my second family. As soon as I saw her drop one of her grocery bag as her stroller was getting away from her, I rushed to her aid. Thankfully the grocery store parking lot was

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Our daugther at the same gene her mother had.   9/27/2017

Black was always desired by our daughter. The first time our daughter came home from college, she brought her black boyfriend with her and I was in shock. I had been raised different a

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My wife and the grocery bagger kid   9/25/2017

My wife and the grocery bagger kid I will admit when she pointed him out to me, I had to agree that he was a really good looking kid. My wife was acting rather flustered as she watched him work

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Watch and be watched, was the fun part.   9/22/2017

To watch and be watched was what our group was all about. My wife and I have always liked to watch ourselves having sex together, using the mirror in our bedroom. I basically like seeing myself fu

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A time when things were simplier   9/22/2017

First Sunday in June was known as Wedding day It's not done like this anymore, but there was a time when there was a reason for June brides. The air was warm, the soil fertile and the condit

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One night in a friends mother's bedroom   9/19/2017

One night in a friends mother's bedroom I was staying over at my friends house when his mother got my attention, when she walked in to watch TV with us, in her robe. She glanced at me with a h

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We fell in love., talking on the phone.   9/16/2017

We fell in love talking on the phone. This story began the day I came home early from work and found my wife in the arms of who I thought was one of our best friends. And even after I saw Gary'

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I adore younger women   9/13/2017

I love, much younger women. When you get to my age, and have a thing for younger women, they call us dirty old men. The truth is, I am older, in my late sixties but by no means do I have a dirty

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The one, New Years Eve, I will never forget.   9/10/2017

An older woman and a college age kid made magic on one very special New Years Eve, night. I had just finished my first year of college and was back home again, working for my uncles remodeling com

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My favorite airlne attendant   9/10/2017

My favorite airline attendant. I began dating Cynthia , a sexy, cute little thirty one year old airline attendant whenever she was in town. She didn't live in the area but worked for one of

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The sex is real,even during a swap   9/5/2017

The sex is real, even during a swap My wife and swapped spouses for about seven years, when we were in our early to late forties. And we weren't crazy people for giving that a try. We were m

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Big Bottom Girls   9/5/2017

Big bottom girls Bob, Karen and I became friends for ten great years. And Karen and I also became lovers too, just a short time after meeting each other. But it wasn't an affair where we sn

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Curious teenage cousins.   9/2/2017

Curious teenage cousins I learned about sex when my cousin and I spent a week together at her parents' house one summer. We were both teenagers although Cindy was a year older. We might have s

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The perfect poker party (Poker, beer , porn and more.)   8/30/2017

Adding some spice My three buddies all thought they were coming over for a boys night of, poker, porn and beer. I had told them I had gotten a couple of really good porn movies we could all watch

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The struggle of jilted ex-wives   8/28/2017

Jilted ex-wives There are a lot of middle aged women who suddenly find them single again, after their husband's dump them. And most of them probably have had one or two lovers, tops in thei

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Real internet hookup   8/24/2017

I became friends with Don and Helen through an online web site where they were looking for another man to become friends with them. In fact, when I first saw their ad, I wasn't even going to bot

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A different kind of family   8/22/2017

When I was twenty two years old I landed a good job as a janitor at the local school. The pay was good, the benefits were great and it was an easy job that I could do all alone. Well, there were thr

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An uncexpected high school lover   8/17/2017

Every time I went to pick up Robin for a date, I always looked forward to seeing her mother too. Because while Robin was never ready on time, it always gave me more time to chat with her very sexy m

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Don't be too tempted by the sweetness of the apple.   8/15/2017

Don't be too tempted by the sweetness of the apple. Every time Lana and I go to one of our friends parties, we both know who we will most likely end up with. No matter who shows up or who doesn'

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My wife was raised in the South and all that, that means.   8/13/2017

Michelle and I had been married since we were teenagers and from my point of view, some boredom had set in. Michelle and I still had a great sex life together but I wanted even more excitement.

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Was she a "Teaser or Pleaser?"   8/10/2017

My wife and I actually met Jerome at the annual fashion show my wife's women's club puts on each year. It's a fund raiser and they always pack the hall at the lodge with lots of nonmembers as well a

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Porn , back in the seventies   8/9/2017

Porn in the seventies I am not ashamed of the fact that when I first met my future wife and even a few years after we got married, she worked in the porn industry. Mary Kate was a lovely young w

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The Quaint Little Coffee Shop   8/6/2017

Notice! This is a story about hate and love but has no sex in it. I know it doesn't exactly fit this site, but I enjoyed writing it and wondered if anyone would enjoy reading it. I always thought

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The girl who got away , sort of.   8/2/2017

It doesn't happen very often but every once in a while we get lucky and can spend the entire night together. So those rare nights when Michelle and I can spend the whole night together are simply won

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Good fellas (It is still a lifestyle)   7/31/2017

If you think there aren't two sets of rules, for those who are connected and those who are not, then you are not living in the real world. This is a story about the world I live in, with a slight

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One night in the stock room of the shoe store   7/29/2017

I was going to college full time while also working part time in a local shoe store that catered to rich older women. Most of the shoes cost more than I made in a week's worth of work. I never asked w

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Make some memories before it is too late   7/26/2017

The unexpected memory my wife and the neighbor kid made one summer night. As my wife and I have gotten older, our views about a lot of things have changed. And that includes what marriage is all a

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Tricked by an older woman in our office   7/22/2017

When I was twenty four, I found myself in a strange position with another guy, myself and Helen, a forty six year old coworker, of ours. At first Rodney and I weren't sure what to make of all the a

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An afternoon hookup   7/21/2017

An afternoon hookup. Dawn and I had known each other for nearly ten years and never once had anything strange happened between us. In fact, we have spent plenty of nights with our spouses going o

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The group was called, the "Suburban SInners"   7/19/2017

That was the name our group use to call ourselves, just for the fun of it. The parties happened about once a month although not always on the same Saturday night. It really depends on the Tom and B

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First love was real love   7/16/2017

Growing up in the sixties in a small town, didn't leave us teenagers, with a lot of things to do during the summer. But there was an open air dance hall and they had rock and roll dances there ever

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Sometimes friends make a sexual mistake together   7/12/2017

It just happened. Sex with a good friend.

I had been one of the fortunate ones, who was able to retire quite early in life, at the age of fifty five. And I owe a lot of my success to just o

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Mom's best friend.   7/9/2017

My mother's best friend and I have been having an affair for nearly all of our lives. And neither of us think of it as wrong, even if most people would. Mary and I have often said we were just p

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Life's path has many twists and turns.   7/5/2017

I was a thirty five year old divorce man, back in search of a good woman to share the rest of my life with. I was pretty good looking, knew how to dress and act and had a professional job with a brig

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My crazy, wonderful sister in law   7/1/2017

When I was in my late thirties, I began an affair with Deena , my wife's little sister. Deena had always been considered the black sheep of the family although I always liked her because she was su

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Sex Fest (One hell of a weekend)   6/30/2017

We were told the first time we went, that is s held every three months in a large hotel in the Chicago suburbs. It starts on Friday night and runs till noon on Sunday. You can go there and do nothing

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Dirty dancing by middle aged women   6/26/2017

Dirty dancing by middle aged women.

I don't know how many, respectable women have the same fantasy my girl friend had, but I bet there are a lot more than anyone realizes. Shelly and

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An honest account of nudism.   6/23/2017

An honest account of nudism, by a nudist couple.

There are so many myths about nudism and nudists, we wanted to try and write an honest accounting of what it is really like. But before w

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The truck stop   6/21/2017

Craziest, most insane thing my wife and I ever did, happened at a truck stop.

My wife Samantha or Sam for short and I were out one night with a group of our friends and after it got late,

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I wanted to kiss her when he was cumming in her.   6/18/2017

I wanted to kiss her while he was cumming in her.

Short Story about our fantasy.

Joan and I had sent the kids off to spend the weekend with their grandparents so we would have th

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We got blamed for falling in love   6/16/2017

You shouldn't get blamed for who you fall in love with, but we still were.

One of my many family traditions was to go back to our grandparent farm one week each summer for our giant, fam

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She was 5'10" and 170 pounds of woman   6/14/2017

It was nothing more than an accident that Deb and I even met, in the first place. I had told my boss, I would drop off a package at another office building since it was sort of, on my way home. So

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Sex was never a secret in my family   6/11/2017

Sex was never a secret in my family

Let me state up front, I know I grew up in a very unusual family. But then what is really normal, after all?

I had two sisters growing up and t

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My Uncle was addicted to alcohol, My   6/7/2017

My Uncle was addicted to alcohol, my Aunt was addicted to sex.

This is a story about what happens when you have an eighteen year old boy, a party and a lonely neglected wife who has a h

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We kept our "love child" secret for 40 years.   6/5/2017

When she was just a little girl, she was so shy but still so cute, when I tried to talk to her , Elizabeth would just hide behind her mother and peek at me. And Lizzy, as they called her would then w

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What took for us to add benefits with our best friends.   6/2/2017

A behind the scene look at real life

This is how I looked at and how I felt about our meeting with our best friends, once we had decided we were going to switch spouses with for the night.

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A married couple picked me up in a bar.   5/29/2017

I sure never thought I would ever get propositioned by a married couple in a bar one night, but I did. I had kind of heard about married couples who did stuff like this, but I had never met one unti

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Is there a plan that brings us together? (love story)   5/26/2017

There were a million reasons why this should never have gotten started but once it happened, we couldn't stop it. She was thirty four, married, and the most beautiful woman I had never met. And I w

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My wife and I retired , before we began having affairs.   5/24/2017

We had been working and saving and planning for our first winter in Florida for most of our lives. My wife, Kathy had worked for thirty years in the local school system, district office and accumula

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Don't forget your roots. (A not so long ago story).   5/19/2017

I grew up in a very rural area without television or radio that brought the outside world to me or my two little sisters. I remember a lot of things about my childhood but the two things I remember t

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A grandfather's point of view. ( Granddaughter and porn)   5/14/2017

My wife and I heard the news, after receiving a call from our oldest daughter who was so hectical, that we could hardly understand her at first. I finally took the phone from my wife and tried to ge

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What could have been, if she wasn't three years older than me?   5/9/2017

We all have that one girl while we were growing up that we never forget about. And, in my case her name was Nancy Johnson. I was just sixteen and didn't have my driver's license, while Nancy was nine

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Short story: One of those unexplainable nights   5/6/2017

One of those unexplainable nights

It was about six months after I got divorced when I ran into Doug and Sharon one night in a popular pub downtown. I wasn't with a date and had gone out

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One night on a cruise ship with strangers   5/5/2017

Like a lot of couples, my wife Josie and I did everything the right way since we got married. We both worked hard, paid our bills, raised our children and saved for our retirement. And, oh by the way

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My very cute, very plump cousin (Cindy)   5/2/2017

I was just like a lot of people who come from large families, we were all pretty loud and outgoing, except for my one cousin. But for some reason Cindy had always been different than all the rest o

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Rocky   5/1/2017

Caution: This story contains sexual contact with an animal

Ben was one of those older, very lay back kind of men who brought the stable mainly, just to have something to do during hi

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He wanted to surprise his wife   4/26/2017

He told me she might not cooperate in the very beginning but not to panic because she would eventually come around. I was supposed to arrive at their house around nine and that the back door would b

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Life sometimes throws us curve balls   4/23/2017

I worked for a company and was in charge of transitions, that needed to take place after we acquired smaller companies. Although I enjoyed my job and it paid me very handsomely, there were some down

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I spent my later years with my sister   4/21/2017

This is a fictional story, containing incest, but it probably happens a lot more than most people realize.

Please read entire story before judging.

Connie and I had a very normal

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Short Story: First sex   4/19/2017

In 1964 I snuck into Betty Lou's bedroom window when she was having a pajama part with two other girls. We all knew was that, we had to be, very, very quiet because Betty Lou's parents were home hope

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My one amazing afternoon   4/18/2017

Nothing out of the ordinary ever happen to me, until it did one day when I least expected it. I was at lunch all alone because my secretary had to run some errands that day, instead of having lunc

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How do we really know if our spouses are happy?   4/15/2017

Why do so many of us blindly live our lives thinking our spouses are perfectly happy? I was one of those husband's who never really stopped and asked myself how happy Jane really was. I just assumed s

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Glory years.   4/12/2017

I married my best friend's girlfriend, as a favor to both of them.

Donny and I had been best friends since we were old enough to walk. And I always knew when we played as little kids that

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Short story: Round robin   4/11/2017

Short story : My only round robin experience.

When they brought her into the room, our eyes met for just a second. And I remember my first thought was this women is probably someone's wife

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We both were ashamed of our childhoods (love story)   4/8/2017

Rich or poor, we all have secrets from our childhood that we take great measures to keep hidden.

I lived with my mother, but don't have of a single memory of my father. Mom still made s

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My neighbor was in truly love with her pet   4/5/2017

This is both an animal story and a love story, as hard as that is to believe. How we all define love is obviously different.

My wife and I met our newest neighbor, Veronica a few days a

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Starting over without any blueprints   4/2/2017

How are you supposed to start your life, all over again, when you have already lived half of it? I had no direction, no idea and no blue prints were handed to me.

Beth and I began dating

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My father - My step mother - And me   3/31/2017

I still loved my father even though he married Gina just one week after his divorce from my mother was finalized. Dad had always put me first, through my entire life and was paying for my college

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Our life long love affair between my sister and me.   3/29/2017

I grew up, having seen my mother and sister both naked, many, many times. It was just the way it was in our home. While my friends all talked about what girls breasts probably look like, I knew first

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The big white secret (An interracial story)   3/25/2017

Warning! This story contains sexual, subject matter and language that some readers may find offensive.

My wife and I were surprised when we found out how many other white couples were there

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I get a card from her every year   3/24/2017

I get a card from her every year.

This is a story about the most amazing accidental meeting of my life. And it happened at the most unexpected place at the most unexpected time . But it i

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1 ordnary looking woman - one incredible fantasy of hers.   3/20/2017

I wasn't sure how this all was going to work, so I stood back and quietly watched, when they brought her into the room. She didn't look scared but she wasn't smiling either. But I got a strong sense t

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Phone sex brought out our kinky side   3/19/2017

One night while traveling on business I was horny so I called my wife back at home just to hear her voice. She answered and told me she was glad I called because she was really missing me. I don't re

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Our forbidden love   3/14/2017

I fell in love with someone I wasn't supposed to love and she fell in love with me. And trust me when I say that was not easy for either of us.

My life turned out to be very good, but it def

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Lots of women wearing lingerie, in the same room   3/11/2017

Of course she was nervous when it was time for us to finally leave our room and find the ballroom, for the giant lingerie party.

My wife and I would be some of the older couples at the party

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The best weekend of my life (A magical love story)   3/10/2017

One, very special farm field that was so magical, it changed my life forever. This is a love story about fate and about the surprises life has in store for all of us.

This all began to co

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The Banger Sisters ( A crazy four years)   3/6/2017

When Bonnie' finally filed for her divorce, she ended up moving in with my wife and I. My wife Brenda and her sister Bonnie had always been close and now they were going to be even closer living in th

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Temptation finally came knocking on my door   3/4/2017

Temptation finally came knocking at my door.

I had always taken great pride in the fact I was a man of my word and that I lived with very high morals. When I married, I was a virgin along

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Wife's favorite cousin   3/1/2017

My wife Cindy and I have had a lifelong friendship with her cousin Sue and Sue's husband Ronnie. And it began after Cindy and I had been married less than a year and Sue called one night to ask i

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We had a mixed race family   2/26/2017

I had met the owner of the company's, daughter for the first time when she was home on a her college semester break and had come to the office to see her father. I was twenty six at the time and I r

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It's funny how things turn out. "our secret"   2/24/2017

As a parent, I realized I was willing to do things for my son, , I never thought I would ever do. Once Kevin survived his car crash and recovered well enough to come home with me, I centered my life a

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One night at her kitchen table.   2/20/2017

I had been stopping over at Helen's house on Friday nights every once in a while because she would let me drink beer with her. And being just seventeen at the time and not old enough to legally drink

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Her first "Purse"   2/14/2017

I realize this is not the kind of story most people are looking for on this site. But I thought I would post it anyway.

I had known of Marge for most of my life although we never friends.

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We became "Swappers"   2/8/2017

Lily and I married early, just twenty two each and proceeded to spend the next fifteen years together with smiles on both of our faces. We liked each other as friends, as spouses and as fellow parents

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We had very friendly neighbors   2/6/2017

I had a great wife, a good career and the most friendly neighborhood t that you could have ever imagined. Karen and I had really gotten lucky when we found our dream home ten years earlier. In fact, e

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Ths girls decided whe their breeding should begin.   2/5/2017

It was not until the first time that I laid my baby girl in her crib, that I realized the cycle was starting all over again. And even though she had a long ways to go and to grow, she would follow al

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An unexpected friend, from a different generation   2/1/2017

This a story about how two people from two different generations ended up helping each other when they both needed it most.

When I turned sixty, I retired and then realized I got really bo

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One week into my marriage, I knew something was wrong.   1/29/2017

Within the first week of our marriage, I began to feel like something was not right. Susan and I had tied the knot in Vegas on a spur of the moment decision but that didn't mean our marriage was

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We fought it as long as we could   1/26/2017

I can't explain the mood we were both in right from the start. But this is what I recall about.

Laura's door became my focus for over an hour after I returned to my hotel room with plans

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The pond - We didn't bring our swim suits.   1/24/2017

The four of us had hiked for about an hour before we decided to rest and have lunch by a pond we had come across. My wife and I had been friends with Russ and Fran for nearly twenty years. In fact we

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( The two great women I loved)   1/18/2017

I had first met Charlotte is when she began to work as the daytime bartender at a local bar that I sometimes have lunch at. Seemed like a nice person, friendly enough and always had a smile whenever

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Some old " Stag " films and my dear old Aunt   1/17/2017

Way before it was called "Porn" and way before it was considered, just a common l act to put on film, those early porn movies were called "Stag" films. They were all eight millimeter movies and were

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We add some spice to our summer vacations   1/15/2017

We had planned this ten day trip through the mountains out West for nearly a year before the day arrived and it was time finally leave. I know my wife Peggy was super excited and had everything in th

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The first love of my life was all the love I needed.   1/11/2017

I was fifteen years old, when I had my first serious relationship although it was with a grown woman. In fact she was closer to my mother's age than mine, yet she and I became friends first and th

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Fooling around at the movie theater   1/9/2017

This all began when my wife began to tell me about when she was growing up, she use to go to a movie with her boyfriend so they could make out. I had actually done the same thing but had forgotte

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One giant orgasm They called in modern artwork.   1/2/2017

One giant orgasm

I had already decided on Tuesday that I was going to go and be part of this very strange, crazy experiment. And I really can't give you a good reason why I had decided to

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We made the most of our sexual years.   12/30/2016

All the wives and girlfriend come down the stairs in a parade, once they have removed their clothing. Their hair is fixed up and with their bright lipstick, they all look very sexy. Well, they also

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She offered to show me her bra   12/27/2016

We had a very busy Saturday morning planned, when I woke Jamie up and told she had to be ready in thirty minutes. My daughter was fifteen at the time and would have loved to sleep for days on end,

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Cancun 1971 (A love story that started on the beach)   12/21/2016

Cancun (1971)

Everyone and I mean everyone noticed her, every time she strolled up and down the beach in her bikini. It was spring break back in nineteen seventy one and being a bunch of ho

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Mid-life crisis (My wife's story )   12/17/2016

I supposed all people go through a stage in our lives as we get older, when we begin to worry about losing the "It" we all had when we were young. But most of the time it involves a middle aged man

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A camp where babies are made   12/15/2016

A totally fictional story about a possible someday off in the future.

They selected about a hundred girls, sixteen and older, each year to go to camp with the hopes of many of them becoming p

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Two kinds of marriages (open or closed)   12/11/2016

My introduction to an open marriage, began when I was twenty three years old and worked with a lady I who taught me how an open marriage worked with her husband's blessing.

Up to that point

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Golden Years (It was not what I expected)   12/9/2016

I have learned one thing in life and that is that things changed and you need to change with them in order to find happiness.

Everyone is taught to work hard, save your money so you can enjo

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Aftermath of when I called an escort service   12/4/2016

I had been on the road for three days and had been thinking about calling an escort service to see what it would be like. I was not the kind of guy who normally would have ever done anything like that

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Bored middle aged housewives. ( A story about one special one)   11/28/2016

I guess I never stopped to think about the number of ordinary housewives who are out there, waiting for something exciting to happen in their lives. They got married, had their children and spent the

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I played strip poker with my girlfriend's daughter.   11/26/2016

I played strip poker with my girlfriends daughter.

Carol and I had been dating about two years, nothing too serious but we did become intimate along the way. Not every week but every few

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Mother's Milk   11/22/2016

This story is dedicated to Clarence and Ruby.

One of the things my wife and I discovered after she gave birth to our first child was that Laura's breasts were terrific at producing milk. M

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Fifty year old, crazy sisters and my freshman year of college   11/20/2016

My first year of college was rather boring until it unexpectedly went off the tracks because of two fifty year old sisters. I didn't study nearly enough, chased all the cute girls who were finall

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Don't wait too long to try for your fantasy.   11/17/2016

It began when my wife modeled her lingerie for a black man who had moved into our neighborhood, a year earlier. Although she was already fifty, Sophia was still in very good shape and also had a vas

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Billy's Mom ( my boyhood crush)   11/15/2016

I had just gotten my first car although it was far from being a new car. But it was mine and I remember how thrilled I was, to have a car of my own. It also happened to be a warm spring afternoon ju

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Unlikely soul mates   11/11/2016

This is not a sex story but a story about life and love and how the two go together.

I was forty five years old, when I took over our families company. I was not sure I was ready for the job

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Hearts matter not numbers   11/6/2016

I tried marriage once, when I was younger but apparently I wasn't very good at it. She ended up packing her things while I was at work one day and called it quits after just two years of being married

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She whispered "How about him?"   11/3/2016

This was just one weekend of our long, wonderful marriage. It does not define us as people or the kind of couple we were. But it happened, just the same.

One morning , my wife threw ou

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My father's sound advice   11/1/2016

My father had taught me from the time I knew what sex was, that women were very special creatures and needed lots of special care. I listened carefully to what he said to me and what advice he offered

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Perks of being a house painter.   10/29/2016

A story about how two people from different generations, who helped each other and in the process formed a lifelong friendship.

I was blind to the fact that older women could be just as se

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My wife's insemination   10/26/2016

To solve our problem, we arranged for, three of our closest male friends to be ready to come over and hopefully help us start our family. And we also had the help and advice, of our family doctor

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The missing link in our family   10/24/2016

A different kind of, real life, love story.

When we was fifteen, my girl friend and I began to sexually explore each other's bodies and that changed alone our lives, forever. Susie was a

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A lifelong affair with a friend's wife   10/23/2016

I was not exactly a social sort of person throughout most of my life. That didn't mean I didn't have friends because I certainly did. It was just that I picked them rather carefully. To me, one good f

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Sex through a hole in the wall. (it's not for everyone)   10/21/2016

Heather and I were very sexually charged people especially when we were first married. And one of the crazier things my wife and I use to do, for some kinky fun was to walk into an adult book store a

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Our wives read an article in a "Women's Magazine" that started it all.   10/16/2016

This started out with a story my wives told us that was a complete lie. And it was not like they lied very often but once they read a silly article in a woman's magazine, it inspired them to try some

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My very serious accident changed our lives completely   10/15/2016

When I was in my late forties, I was involved in a very bad accident and ended up in the hospital for over a month. It was not my fault but then when your body is bruised and bones are broken, fault

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We decided to home school the twins   10/14/2016

My wife was the daughter of a preacher whose parents home schooled her to keep her from hearing the wrong kind of messages. And I am proud to say that it worked to perfection when it came to my wife,

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Love and a bowl of chili   10/10/2016

This is a story about how love found me later in life.

I grew up with and worked for my grandparents from the time I was six years old. My father had been killed in the Korean War and my

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I had the honor of helping a good girl be a bad girl for a night   10/7/2016

I guess I never really put myself in the shoes of being a woman but once I began to think about again, , it wasn't as fair for them as it was for us men. We can get away with staring at cleavage or dr

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Her first orgasm - Right or wrong, I helped her.   10/4/2016

In a nut shell, when I was in my late forties, I ended up showing an eighteen year old girl, just out of high school , what it felt like to have oral sex performed on her.

But it started

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The ten day business trip that changed three lives.   9/30/2016

When my wife and I both reached our mid forties, we took in a young woman, just twenty, who needed a place to stay and gave her a job working for us. Renee and I both liked Jody, right from the sta

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Our families big "no no"   9/29/2016

We didn't all just wake up one day and decided to try something a family shouldn't do. It took all of us some time before we let our guard down and then it just happened.

When Karen and I

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My fantasy nearly cost me my family   9/26/2016

The first time it really hit me was when her gorgeous face looked down at me once my entire hard shaft was inside of her slippery crack. I was lying on my back gasping for air, still not believing th

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My piano teacher   9/22/2016

I think I grew up being the only kid who took piano lessons for years and years and sucked at actually playing the piano. And I can't say I would have ever been good but I got side tracked during one

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Growing up in a nudist family & keeping it a secret   9/20/2016

I don't have a lot of memory about things when I was very, very young but I do remember my mother seldom wore clothes in our house.

But I do recall being told over and over to never tell a

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My big time "Cousin" problem   9/18/2016

A love story with complications.

When my cousin Tina and I were very little, we played together under the supervision of our mothers. And looking back now, I can see how elaborate the

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Ordinary looking people have sexual secrets too.   9/16/2016

My wife and I own and operate a mid size plumbing supply company who employees nine people, six full time and three part time. Mary runs the front of the house and the office while I run the rest. Tha

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She whispered, "He wants to watch"   9/14/2016

This is a story about the most amazing woman I ever knew.

It was supposed to be a friendly dinner party at their house where I could finally meet her husband and maybe some of their neighb

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Everybody remembers their first time. My story   9/13/2016

As a teenager I was one of those unfortunate boys who blossomed later than most. So while I was in high school, I was a lot shorter and a lot smaller than most of the other boys. And since I didn't sh

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Anatomy of a real life, swap   9/12/2016

Anatomy of a real life swap


Cynthia and I had been married for just short of eight years and had one child together. We had a solid relationship and a satisfying ro

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Same world --- New Rules   9/10/2016

A lot had changed since the last time I was a single man.

I had grown up in a generation that viewed sex, totally different than the younger people of today. So when I found myself single ag

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If given the chance "Dont read your wife's diary"   9/2/2016

Suddenly, I was feeling really stupid for blindly living my life as if everything I ever wanted and everything Ann ever wanted, we already had.

We had both enjoyed good careers and in the

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The "Apple Orchard"   8/24/2016

A story about destiny, love and a little sex was thrown into the mix too.

I have known but a few great women in my life time and the first one was my sweet grandmother. From the time I le

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An unexpected incident with my employee and long time friend   8/20/2016

Why do things happen that we can't explain?

Don't' you wonder a lot of times in life, why something happened or why it didn't happen. And for me personally, seldom do I ever figure out the

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1967 "The summer of love"   8/13/2016

The last thing anyone wants, who lives in a small town, is a scandal and my senior year in high school, I was dead center in the middle of one. It was the late sixties and right at the start of the

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My sister in law posed naked for me in our basement   8/11/2016

The first time my sister in law posed nude for me, it was something that ended up possibly saving both of our marriages. I had set up a make shift studio in our basement where I could pose her for so

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Some times I like to cum in second.   8/6/2016

More men, than you might realize, like to have their wives or girlfriends full of cum before they enjoyed them, themselves. Of course I never thought I would be one of them but I was wrong. The fir

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Little sister - Life long best friend   8/4/2016

Even though this story is about my sister and I, sharing a loving relationship , neither of us considered it incest.

When Susan turned sixteen, our parents finally allowed her to start dati

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Kathy's granddaughter. A very special sixteen year old girl   7/31/2016

First job, right out of college happened to be in a town in Florida not far from my grandparents condo that they used, each winter. The cold weather was really bothering them both so they bought the

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Our scret about when we were in paradise   7/29/2016

The morning of our flight, our house was a complete disaster in every way possible. Whatever could go wrong, was going wrong. It wasn't exactly the way my wife and I had hoped our vacation would s

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My weekend glimpse of feeling like a man   7/27/2016

I was either sixteen or close to being sixteen when I was shown a glimpse of my manhood by a friend's mother.

And the reason I don't recall exactly how old I was is because if I did have m

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Farm & Country Daze   7/22/2016

Having both grown up in the city, Lizzie and I both loved spending time out in the country. Camping, hiking or just about anything that took us on weekends away from the crowded streets and the noise

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I was supposed to just hold the camera   7/20/2016

None of us know what turns on other people nor should we. We are all different and find different things we feel might be sexy and fun.

This is my account of the time a friend of mine aske

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Living on an island with two women   7/15/2016

Shortly after I turned fifty, both my parents became ill and eventually passed away and that is when I came into a large sum of money. And even though I was raised to value hard work, I decided to qu

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My wife became a weekend warrior   7/13/2016

My wife works the internet all week long to line up her male customers for their visits on the weekends. Of course Katherine and I wished her job was legal because it is still an honest way to make

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When my wife turned 42, she became a "Cover Girl"   7/10/2016

When my wife was approached one afternoon at the campground and asked her if she would considering posing for one of their upcoming magazine covers, we were both taken back. It was quite an honor of

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A Weekend Getaway with Grandma   7/8/2016

As we age, we slow down a bit but we never lose our desire to be as productive as we can be. I know I watched how Doris slowed down as she approached her mid fifties but she still tried really hard

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A cab drivers story   7/7/2016

I never thought that driving a cab would change my life forever, but it did. Here is my story about my life and that one night that started it all.

My life hadn't turned out exactly I like

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