years of rust  

mrwrong168 60M
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1/14/2022 1:36 pm
years of rust

I have been out of the scene over health issues, then covid seemed to cramp the world down some. As such I have about 5 years of rust on me in many ways.
I still follow some old rules if you are partnered in life, I need an all clear from them to play. I rather enjoy helping couples add to their sex lives, watch me picture me film me whatever brings you joy. I don't swing both ways but stuff touching in the heat of battle, I won't freak over it.
I have no one to share, so if the profile seeks that balance, I won't knock if you will. if your girl has a profile of her own<b> forgive </font></b>me, something got my attention.
If you are a lady out there that life for one reason has left you without for too long. I hope we find each other, I want hours of foreplay as we play all night long.

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1/14/2022 3:30 pm


Welcome to the blogs & good luck in your search !

Sexisnatural01 47M
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1/14/2022 5:56 pm

Good title there, think you express your emotions well.

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