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A Long Time Ago, In a Place Far, Far Away. . . .
Posted:Oct 17, 2021 6:17 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 10:15 pm

WAY back in the summer of '69, I was ten years old, had just moved with my family to a new neighborhood where everybody knew and loved each other. THAT kind of place, once quite common, now extremely rare, or so it would seem. . . .
Anyway, my brother and I were asked to take care of the Easterly's pets (and aquarium) for two weeks while they were on vacation, which we were only too happy to do.

In the meantime, we found an aquarium in somebody's trash pile, and brought it home.

When the Easterlys returned, we told them about it, and Mr. Easterly took a goood look, determining there was a crack in the slate botttom, which he sealed so that the aquarium held water.

Mrs. Easterly determined that it held ten gallons, and gave us gravel, a corner filter with pump/tubing, zip drops to take the chlorine out off the water, then she set it up at our house, stocking it with black mollies, swordtails, and a couple of Chinese algae eaters.

That set up gave us years of enjoyment, and sparked a lifelong love of fish-keeping on my part.

I have five aquariums now, including a ten gallon tank and a twenty gallon veteran set up for sailfin mollies, but lately I've had a desire for black mollies and Chinese algae eaters.. . .

Here's to YOU, Mr and Mrs Easterly!
Of Love and Other Esoteric Things
Posted:Oct 17, 2021 12:48 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 6:15 am
I love hard when I love at all, which isn't often these days; I think the capacity for unlimited, unconditional amore died when my family disintegrated many years ago now.

I LIKE a lot, but LOVE is rare, very much so, for me.

My wife has most of that scarce commodity, D has the rest.

There IS no more to give.

I LIKE lots of people, and THINK they like ME, as well, but I'm honestly not sure at the moment.

You see, I'm schitzo-affective, have been for decades now, and that has REALLY thrown my perception off quite badly. I can't trust what I see with my mind, is basically what that means, at least to ME.

I grew up near Eglin and Hurlburt Air Force Bases in the Florida Panhandle, and that meant 'friends' could and often DID vanish with little or no notice within a year or two of making them.

My mother should NEVER have been a parent, and the same went for my father, who deserted the family when I was five. . . .neither had the capacity to show Love in any meaningful way.

Thus, my Initial Programming was that 'EVERYTHING is expendable, PEOPLE are temporary!'.

Until Bambi came along, that was how I operated, that was proven very true. She's slowly changing this. . .SLOWLY.

It took an F-4 fighter five miles to turn completely around when traveling at Mach 2+. FIVE MILES! It takes an aircraft carrier FIFTEEN to do the same thing when going top speed, most especially in rough seas.

How long, then, will it take an emotionally dead old man to learn how to freely love? Can it be done?

I have no idea, but I DO know that I simply MUST try before it's too late!

I've BEEN trying for YEARS now. . . .

May the God I abhor so much help me!!!!!

It's almost three-thirty in the morning. I'm probably up for good today, but that remains to be seen, I suppose.

Turbo is on his perch in front of Kansas, Bambi is sleeping soundly upstairs ,and the house is totally silent. I'm listening to The Cowsills using a wireless headset, in order to not disturb the tranquility.

My left thigh is throbbing with a burning, painful, crawling sensation, helping keep me awake. . . I wonder if the VA pharmacy has a Wonder Pill for this, or if it's just another thing I have to learn endurance for.

Like Earnest Shackleton and the crew of the HMS Endeavour so very long ago.

".....................sad old man, nobody loves him!" How very appropriate to hear this song now!

We're going to visit The later on today for the first time in a very LONG while> Word is their marriage is in serious trouble, or so I've been lead to believe, and there are three little to consider. . . .

Makes OURS look damned GOOD, however.

Almost ten years (next April) now.

Hardest thing I've ever attempted, and also, on the flip-side, the greatest JOY I've experienced!

Light rain starting again soon.

Bambi's not going to church this morning, opting to take one final Easy Day before tackling yet another Work Week. Her operation's still scheduled for 8 November, and there's tons of stuff yet to be done in preparation.

Easy work day for me tomorrow; basically a repeat of this past Friday, when I had only ONE in the morning, none in the afternoon. Then things return to whatever passes for 'normal' at HAC on my route.

Maybe it will be time to break Spooky out from storage, air up her tires, put her onto Betsy's rack, drive to the trailhead, and simply RIDE for a mile or two?

We'll see.

Life goes on.

Bovine Caca
Posted:Oct 15, 2021 10:31 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 1:10 pm
Woke not lg ago with an incredible urge listen The Cowsills, which I am doing this mont.

Fell asleep suddenly last night, woke with horrendous pain in my left thigh. (Neuropathy?)

We got the rental vehicle; an almost new Chevy Transverse SUV; a four-wheeled tank. NOT what we're used by any ans, but at least Bambi has her own vehicle again while we sort things .

Has yesterday afterno off due no , and it seems the is tap for Mday.

We went back WST last night. It was great.

The fake profiles are very active, yet again. Who they think they're fooling is a damned good questi, but there seem be thousands of them with more being added almost hourly. What amuses is when I those profiles and find nts by desperate people praising them. . .

Turbo has rey taken his new tree! Kewl.


Life goes .

0751--The car nt went through, effectively wiping my checking until next Friday, when it will be gutted ce AGAIN by ANOTHER large nt. You just can't WIN, can you?

Cloudy outside now, but fairly for this ti of year, with rain expected this evening as a cold frt ambles through, dropping temperatures at least degrees in a very short ti. Winds are sposed increase increnty as well.

We're going visit The for the first ti in a lg while this weekend, using the rental car.

Could be rather interesting.

My favorite DJ is the radio yet again. He seems work very lg hours, and apparently HAS de so around 43 years now, sa stati. e of the very few lg-term things about Cape Cod.

That cannister filter sits, mostly assembled, in frt of Kansas, waiting for finy decide what eventuy DO with the silly thing in the lg run!

I intended put it and the new dia I bought for it, in my faithful dufflebag and haul it in the basent for srage, but, big surprise, haven't quite gotten around doing that yet.

sitting here the kitchen table, in lose-fitting shorts and baggy Moody Blues t-shirt, coughing my off, looking around wdering how this clutter is going be cleaned before Bambi's operati in a short while.. .

I think that, with the rise of Technology, but old 'Keep It Simple, Stid' mantra has bee passe, in so many ways it's unreal. For example, I love bicycling and fishkeeping, and when I started doing both in earnest during The Sumr of Love (1969) ; you needed be happy was basic equipnt, but NOW it seems that both hobbies require spending huge amounts of mey for equipnt that rapidly either dies or bees obsolete overnight!

I rember finding a rusting old singlespeed bicycle in the woods the end of Choctawhatchee Road in Florida, lugging it ho, and doing odd jobs for Mr. Easterly, e of our churchmbers, for two weeks so he'd rejuvenate The Green Hawk with new tires/tubes, oiling the chain, adjusting the raggedy seat, etc. That e old bike sparked The First Bicycle Revoluti in our family, and my life has never been the sa.

During that sa sumr my brother Roger and I ok care of his family's pets for two weeks while they went vacati, after finding -g aquarium in a trash pile sowhere nearby. Our '' for this was have the aquarium resealed, the crack the slate botm repaired, and it being scked with Black Mollies, alg with two Chinese Algae Eaters, as well as a noisy pump/corner filter binati. That set sparked a life-lg love of the aquarium hobby for , an obsessi which ctinues this .

We left that church when e of the deacs enticed my older sisters renounce my 'sinful divorcee' in exchange for college educatis (d't ask why, he just DID, may the sufabitch forever rot in Hell!), but the legacy of The Easterly family lives for , and I smile whenever I engage in cycling or e of my five mey-pit aquariums these days.

Soday I an get so Black Mollies, o. .. .but I haven't yet found a source for them. YET. Perhaps a c DPS will solve that problem?

It's a thought.

It seems that pleasant mories of a man's childhood can be extrely motivating in real life, after .


If Bambi can manage get in ti, we intend find Zero and salvage whatever we can from her corpse day. She's at a local collisi place a cole of miles away which is ly open from 8-, so Bambi's going have sacrifice a day of sleeping-in if we're do this anyti so.

Unless I do it after my sole morning shift Mday. . . . . .that's an interesting thought! I COULD. . . .why the hell NOT?

Aside from my chric laziness, I an?

LOTS do for this sve- old man!

Life goes and and and . . . . . . . .

00----We went to see Zero right before the collision place closed, took some pictures, salvaged what we could from her carcass.

See picture at the end of this entry.

I got ambitious and made pancakes for our brunch, using the rest of the old pancake mix box to do it. As usual, I did a bang-up job.

Bambi was on the phone most of the time since then, talking to her , then my step and her EMT husband.

While she was doing that an edible bouquet from The was delivered; she's in hog heaven devouring it.

I finally ordered meds and messaged my primary caregiver about my left thigh on the veterans' website. Next week I should get a couple of responses from my efforts.

Posted that pic of Zero on a message Bambi did on , showing all her contacts just how lucky she got. It's getting tons of responses. Sometimes a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words!

Bambi nicknamed her rental 'Big Bertha'. That seems appropriate to me.

Sun finally came , but rain/thunderstorms are on their way in just a few hours. Weather in New England is VERY changeable.

PornoKut keeps fucking with my blog entries; a word or two here, letters removed without rhyme or reason, for some reasons. It makes damned DUMB, and is yet another reason why probably NOT renewing my Gold membership when this one expires.

One of MANY reasons, actually.

STILL STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday Once More
Posted:Oct 14, 2021 3:04 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 10:03 am

I slept more or less straight through from about at night until around four-thirty this morning, thanks those sleeping pills.

Working today. Probably have to drive Bambi around between shifts, and that's okay with . . .

Going be strange not seeing Zero in the driveway from , though.

Those two fish, named Carolyn S. and Kathy B., after high school loves, arrived safely and I did see them swimming around at first, but they're small, good at hiding, so nothing since yesterday morning so far.

Got Bambi her Reubin, a favorite sandwich, delivered from HK yesterday, a special treat for brunch once she woke a bit past noon.

She's off the rest of this week for recovery and do what must be accomplished from the wreck.

Thank God for Betsy Blue!

Got the cat tree out of BB yesterday afternoon, put it in front of Kansas for now. Turbo's really taken it, meaning that was $5 well-spent last week.

He's watching the fish now. Cute.

I'll probably need refuel my work van enroute get my first this morning, meaning I leave at the usual time from home, early from HAC. Late tomorrow, IF I work at .

Nice day shaping again, so I'm wearing comfy shorts. I hope that's okay.

Life goes .
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More Musings
Posted:Oct 12, 2021 8:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 2:50 am
I meant blog here every day, but been getting very lazy and under-motivated do so in light of the continuing bombardment I've been experiencing from obviously ( me, anyway) fake profiles.

As noted earlier, my wife totaled her car this afternoon. I found out about this just as I was leaving work to take my sole home for the day. was a long round trip, but I went right the ER from HAC, and spent three long hours by her side before she was finally released go home.

I'm taking tomorrow, possibly the remainder of the work-week, off, to care for her and assist in doing what must be done now.


Yesterday I got a response from a local Craigslist ad I put in a few days ago praising that server from some (41) in Plymouth indicated a desire befriend me, so we exchanged e-mails until turned out that what he was REALLY after was my wife. Cursed out soundly and blocked!

What IS about the Cape Cod Craigslist that attracts such lowlifes? In over eleven years I must run into at least 25-50 assholes like that!

My group is going nowhere fast. That, too, is both annoying and frustrating in the extreme.

Dave of the bike didn't respond to four (4) texts after we met at a locavl park last week, so he's also blocked and removed from my life.

does like I'll be cycling solo when I FINALLY start riding Spooky sometime in the future. NOT my idea of Fun!!!!!

I developed some sort of skin ailment in my left thigh that both burns and throbs with pain whenever I try sleeping at night. I need notify my caregiver at the local VA clinic about instead of suffering in silence.

would be great sleep painlessly once again.

I LOVE my new tablet! 's COOL!

Two more fish due in from NJ tomorrow morning. Probably my last order fish for the season, but I've said THAT before, I know.

We'll see. . .

Got all the stuff rejuvenate that cannister filter. All that's left is put underneath Kansas in the stand, run the outlet and input tubes, prime and turn on.

Tomorrow, unless I get a wild hair up my ass and do before going bed in a while.

Starting nod off. Bedtime is near.

Life goes onward.
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Goodbye, Old Friend!
Posted:Oct 12, 2021 7:45 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 3:35 am
A bit over two years ago, we went a car dealership down the road from us refinance my car because the payments were too much for me, and, of course, they managed to sell us a NEW car with payments $35 a month MORE than what I had been paying.

'Zero', as I named it, after a WW2 Japanese fighter plane made by the company, however, has been a great car for us.


This afternoon, on her way home from a doctor's appointment, my beloved wife made a Bonehead Maneuver, and collided with a pickup truck, totaling noble Zero.

She ended up in the Hyannis ER with painful, but fortunately not serious injuries and is sleeping peacefully upstairs as this is being written.

I almost lost her, and I probably WOULD , had not been for the safety features Mitsubishi built into the late Zero.

Now Zero sits, abandoned and neglected, somewhere on Cape Cod, wherever she was towed to, a victim of momentary stupidity on Bambi's part.

Perhaps I'm a fool for mourning the loss of a mere CAR when Bambi is still alive, but Zero gave her life for my wife, and I will NEVER forget that noble machine.

We'll find Zero and remove whatever of Bambi's belongings survived the crash sometime soon, then we're probably going to the dealership and at replacing her because my car, 'Betsy Blue', won't last forever, plus we NEED a second vehicle capable of making off-Cape trips.

Hopefully we'll luck out a second time.

Goodbye, Beloved Car! You WILL be missed, sorely!

Life goes on.
Posted:Oct 10, 2021 1:23 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2021 8:20 pm
Just about two hours until sunrise, and I've been busy night, breaking in that new tablet, playing with my phone, getting wishy-washy about a couple of Amazon orders, etc., etc., etc., ad naseum.

Bambi's blissfully snoring away in bed upstairs, but my mind's still racing, so I picked up said phone, and came downstairs work this blog, among other things, I 'spose.

Thankfully, the only thing I MUST do today is laundry, and that's not a big chore time-wise. . . . . .

Nice tablet; Amazon Fire Kindle 11th generation touch-screen, 36GB memory, etc. Halfway between my laptops and phone size wise, which is real nice when reading books or watching videos.

Now, it seems that one of my laptops is suddenly surplus. . . .

The sloppy joes last night were good.


0915---Bambi is off to choir practice, then church, so, as usual, I have Sunday morning to myself, something that won't be the case for a few weeks starting 8 November, so I'm doing my best to really ENJOY this precious time!

Hopefully HAC will return to whatever passes for normal there these days beginning tomorrow, and my bosses won't need to throw a monkey wrench into my routine as they REALLY did last week!

Cloudy outside and chilly this morning; only 61 degrees, with almost no wind (YET).

I have a set of hose-clamps for the cannister filter coming from Amazon tomorrow morning. I'm quite loathe to drive to the hardware store, hoping to find what I need, and feeling very guilty when I use my card for a small purchase, which is the main reason I changed yesterday's plans.

Still fascinated with my new tablet, slowly exploring it's capabilities, reveling in the extreme portability, etc. Wonder how long THAT will last.

Listening to Meat Loaf's 'Bat Out of Hell" album now.

So much to do around the house before Bambi's surgery, but damnit I can't do it all by myself, it's just not RIGHT, so I spend endless hours shirking the work these days, feeling rather guilty. . . .

Turbo's on his post atop of Kansas, as usual, looking out of the windows, cleaning himself, and just being a Cat in general. I still need to take his new scratchin tree out of my car (Betsy) and put it someplace inside.


It's not heavy, just bulky as hell, and I'm positive that somehow I'll manage the transfer well enough. Just a matter of kicking myself in the ass, then simply DOING IT!!!!!

Looking back
and ahead,
I see the things I love,
I see the things I DREAD!


1620---Laundry's finally done, Bambi just went upstairs for an hour-long nap on a gray afternoon. . . .

I SHOULD get Turbo's scratching tree out of Betsy soon, but since it's not hurting anything where it is, and I'm sure not positive where it's GOING, I'm rather inclined to leave it be for now.

What the hell?

Nothing much going on here for me today. I keep reaching out to the few real-looking profiles I run across, being ignored each time. Annoying as HELL!!!!!

Listening to the Cowsills once more with my old sunlamp turned on to dissipate the gloom somewhat. . . maybe that'll help a bit. Who knows?

It's been forever since I've made love in real life; holding a warm, soft, pliant body in my arms, breathing heavily, my hard cock throbbing with desire as her scent fills my nostrils, and passion overwhelms me like a tidal wave............................

Porn and cocoa butter just aren't cutting it any longer for me.

I'm a starving animal longing for a square meal, damnit!


Life tends to SUCK sometimes, doesn't it?!

Oh, well, FIDO!
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Day Is Doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:Oct 9, 2021 3:08 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2021 6:06 am
Mixed day.

I finally got Bambi to that new breakfast place after she got up this morning. Since she had to be at the thrift shop at one for her two-hour stint, and she wasn't ready to leave until about 1120 (five minute drive to TCR), we thought there was plenty of time to eat.


It wasn't very crowded, so I was at first optimistic that we'd be able to keep our schedule, but we were shown to a windowside table, given menus, our order was taken, we waited for our food to arrive, making our usual small-talk, watching to backed up traffic outside on 28 (this is the weekend of the annual Festival, so it was heavy, a fact that wasn't helped by two American Legion members standing in the middle of the highway soliciting donations), and we WAITED.

Something over an HOUR.

When our food FINALLY arrived, it wasn't bad, and the price was certainly reasonable, but nobody apologized for the delay or offered an explanation. It was 1250 before we left, and I ended up going with Bambi to the church in the terrible traffic, only to return at 1515 getting both her and a cat tree somebody donated to the shop which she bought.

There were four packages on our front step when I arrived home; cannister filter supplies, my new tablet, and something for Bambi from The Pampered Chef. The tablet was unpacked, plugged in and initial set-up done before I had to go again.

I transferred photos from my phone to said tablet via The Cloud, which took several hours.

We goofed off together, listening to music and chatting a bit, while Turbo, in High Suckass Mode, demanded His share of attention, which, of course, he GOT.

I did call the Hearth and Kettle, where we ate last night, and praised Lee Ann to the hilt, thus backing up the ad I put onto Craigslist about our experience there last night.

Some things are just plain Right, you know?

I looked up and bookmarked a website about setting up that cannister filter, got the stuff out, intending to do it tonight, only to realize that I STILL need four hose clamps to secure the new tubing (the size of which I guessed at when ordering, getting it precisely RIGHT!). It seems like a trip to one of our local hardware stores is in order come morning!

Bambi's making sloppy joes for dinner, Turbo is hanging around waiting impatiently for his evening treats (an utterly spoiled, but well-loved feline if ever there WAS one!), and I'm sitting at the kitchen table, listening to music, playing around here, etc.

Life goes on.
Posted:Oct 9, 2021 4:21 am
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2021 6:57 am
Got around midnight, usual, came downstairs and spent a small amount of time playing around this computer before retiring again until about 0700.

Just in a weird mood, I guess.

Let's see. . . . . .yesterday.

The day was more or less without incident at work, except for neglecting see a actually entering their home before leaving them standing alone in the afternoon because I'd already shifted gears mentally the next drop-off. I got told nicely about this when I arrived back at the office by my bossman, and I swore that IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN, and trust , it won't!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went out eat last night at the local Hearth and Kettle, where we encountered an extremely capable young waitress named Lee Ann, who was just about the most perfect, friendly, and good server I've had in a long time, perhaps EVER, and she's only 21! Gives me a glimmer of hope for the future.

I got in an ornery mood when we returned home however so I spent some time picking out fake profiles and yelling 'FAKE!' in messages. I know, it was like trying drain the Atlantic Ocean with a teaspoon, but it was also FUN, so what the hell?

No fish losses for about the second week in a row. Weird.

Life goes on.
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Freaking Fantastic FRIDAY!
Posted:Oct 7, 2021 10:39 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2021 2:52 am
My sleep pattern seems be solidly in place this morning so I am again.

I'm In Love with people; my lovely wife Bambi, my best friend Doug, and increasingly I'm thinking of somebody else who ought probably remain nameless until I can work the nerve tell them so they don't get pissed off when reading it for the first time . . .

Going be yet another beautiful day Cape Cod, one I don't want waste! Maybe it's finally time break my bike out of storage, air her tires, put her onto Betsy's bike rack, take her to a local trailhead, and just freaking RIDE!

One of the things I inherited with Kansas was a big cannister filter with scuzzed-out hoses, filthy media and gunk in it. Yech! I tossed the holders, cleaned her out (media too) and let it stay inside Kansas's cabinet. Got to feeling guilty of l though, and searched Amazon until I found replacement tubing for the hoses, new media tor her insides, placed both items on order, and am planning on replacing the internal filter I installed when setting Kansas with the rejuvenated cannister filter this weekend.

Cannister filters are huge (they have be stowed in a stand's cabinet) and complicated compared to other types, but they're better at filtering, easier to clean, increase the water-flow, so that's why I'm doing this.

Bored yet?

Playing Bobby Goldsboro now. Betcha it's been a while since you're heard HIM!

This week we've really been short of drivers, so I've accepted route extensions each day, including today. It's helping with my time, and I can really use the extra . Plus my willingness help out looks damned GOOD my bosses. Not that I'm kissing ass, mind you!

Checked my bank balance. Rent's out, paycheck's deposited, etc., and I still have enough for bills along with a little left over. Whew!

Checked my time-off status last night. My week's vacation for 8- November has officially been approved so I'm available help Bambi right after her operation. Nice.

My Craigslist post about the new FB group I posted a day ago is STILL there; hasn't been flagged yet! Yay, !

Of the people who have tried scam I only miss ONE; Lisa. She was a scammer, and I knew it from the start, but damnit, in her own unique way she had CLASS. the best of my knowledge, however, her account has been closed.

Life goes , don'tchaknow, know, know?
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Here Comes Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two More Days Until The Weekend!!!!!
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 11:05 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2021 7:59 am
Normal pattern. I go bed about eight at night, Bambi crawls in beside around midnight, I get my second wind, toss and turn for awhile then give come downstairs and around online before going back bed until my alarm goes off at 0530.


Dave and I met for about half an hour at a local park, talked about stuff, and agreed meet again for a bike ride sometime soon.

Not a bad guy, but we really didn't it off that well.

Afterward I drove a new place called The Crazy Rooster cafe 28 near my home for a late breakfast. It was good, inexpensive, and I was the only customer, so it was also very, very quiet. I will have to bring Bambi there in the near future, if we can manage to arrive before it closes.

Doug and I had a bump in the road, but have worked things out. Things between us have resumed. A face to face meeting is in the future, when things settle down for both of us and the hour-long journey there doesn't seem like such a Herculean task. Doug doesn't drive so unless he can get a ride to my house, it's incumbent upon me to drive to Taunton if we're going to meet.

I finally located replacement parts for the cannister filter that came with Kansas and ordered them, with a projected arrival date of this coming Saturday. I've already cleaned it out, and hopefully I can figure out how to operate it. It will be more efficient, easier to clean, and should also increase the circulation in that aquarium when it's installed.

Apparently I have a case of neuropathy in my left thigh that sometimes wakes me up at night. . .. .but that has yet to be officially diagnosed at the VA clinic.

Seaside Festival this weekend here in Yarmouth, bringing in tons of people, clogging the byways, and just being a pain in the ass generally. Good time to stay OFF the roads!

Two more days left in the work -week. Getting there!

I put yet another ad on Craigslist for the aquarium group I started last week on Facebook. I'm hopeful that it won't get flagged before some good people see it, and actually join it.

I've been an aquarium hobbyist and cyclist since the summer of 1969, on and off. Long time, huh?

That was a very good year for me. . .


I installed Google Duo on my iPhone SE so I can have video calls with Android users, like Doug and Bambi. Will it make a difference? I have NO blasted idea.

I have an extra in Dennisport today, covering the absence of a co-worker. Could be interesting.

Life goes on, don'tcha know?

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Of Caffeine and Comeupance
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 2:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2021 4:39 pm
I slept in just a bit this morning. It was about 0430 when I woke up for the final time, got my shit together and stumbled downstairs to begin my day.

Two message replies later I'm starting this blog, wondering what I should say, or how I ought to phrase things.

I am NOT going to Taunton this weekend, and may NEVER make the hour drive by myself, much less spending the night with somebody I barely know.

Perhaps I'm dodging another bullet here.

Dave and I are meeting for the first time at a nearby park after work this morning. What, if anything, develops will be interesting to find out.

It will be as The Spirits direct, I suppose.

Got my flu shot from Suzanne yesterday morning, so am ready for the season once more.

They're starting toadwork here all over the area now that the tourists and Summer People have all gone home for another season. This is making my job that much more difficult, but nothing I can't really handle, or at least so I fervently HOPE.

Bambi's working away from the house all day today.

I'll be on my own until she returns sometime this evening. . .

Life goes on. And on. And on. Ad nauseum.
Ye, Gads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:Oct 5, 2021 12:39 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2021 2:05 am
I'm up for good again, although I don't HAVE to wake up for about three or four hours now, wide awake and rested, listening to My Music, watching my previous entry get spammed, and trying to get my mind into Positive Mode for the coming work-day.

Raining, but it's supposed to stop fairly soon, and yes, the sun IS going to come out once more.

That's what Life does, I guess. Sometimes it's dark and nasty for a bit, but the sun DOES return eventually if you just hang in there.

I've got another day of route change at work, the same deal as yesterday. Not a problem.

Turbo is laying on top of Kansas once more. That's become one of his main perches since I set that aquarium up three weeks or so back, and it's cute because the fish don't pay him the slightest bit of attention, nor he of them.

I have an appointment at 11 with my VA caregiver at the Hyannis clinic. We've known each other over eleven years now, and she's taken good care of me. I don't know if we're really friends or not (that would depend upon your definition of 'friend', but I trust and like her a great deal.

I'm tempted to turn the lights of Kansas on, although I do know that will give it a LOT of algae-producing illumination. . . . . .. .there are at least eight rapidly-growing baby mystery snails in it to take care of that possibility, however, so what the hell? Here goes!

Everybody's still alive there; no losses. Thank God!

Payday on Friday. Something ELSE to look forward to I suppose, especially when I start paying bills. . . . . .

Physically I'm feeling fine for once. No major aches and pains evident in this ancient carcass of mine. Nice way to start a morning.

Should get around to eating SOMETHING substantial soon, other than granola bars or pretzels. Pancakes, perhaps, if I get that ambitious. God knows I have the time today!

Caffeine soon?

The temperature on Kansas is now steady at 77;7 degrees, which I consider good luck since I entered Basic Training in July of 1977; 77/7.

Veterans NEVER forget their MOS, the day they started training, or their ETS dates; If you suspect somebody's lying about being vet, just ask them these three dates. Should they refuse to answer, they're probably frauds, and beneath the contempt of decent people, iMHO.

Lots of that going around these days, unfortunately.

I MUST remember to take my morning meds before leaving for work. It sucks that I've become dependent upon them, but given my personal situation, it's also an unfortunate fact of life.

Being mentally ill is a real bitch sometimes!

Life goes on.

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