how my panty fetish started  

DarenBnjacks 55M  
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3/25/2021 9:57 am
how my panty fetish started

i had a breakup years ago and my then ex gf left alot of her clothes at my apt. one night after having a few drinks i could smell her perfume on her panties and used them to beat off. I rubbed them all over my cock. the feeling turned me on.

Years later when I was married my then wife always had sexy panties. i enjoyed smelling them and rubbing them on my cock and balls. when she was out i would secretly try them on and get so horny. my wife would routinely eat my ass. it felt so good. i wanted a way to use the panties in sex with her but was afraid of exposing the idea if she didnt like it. I had the idea of sometimes when she was really wet to have her rub her wet panties all over my body. i wanted that wet pussy everywhere. she did it and then after several fuck sessions she would do it without asking and then she began to rub them on my cock and balls. One night she asked me if i wanted to put them on. I said "I guess if thats what you want" it became her idea. She would put them on me and pull them to the side and eat my ass like she was eating pussy. i loved it. she would get extremely worked up more and them tell me to fuck. she would almost cum instantly.

funbeingnude 69M  
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8/16/2021 8:50 am

Back in the early 70s a woman who I met was in her very late 50s and I was just 19. She was very much a lady as she always wore a dress or skirt with heels and nylons and they were the old fashion kind with the seem in the back. She was not only large breasted but a red head and that is a weak spot for me. We met in this bar where I always had to pickup this guy to take to work. She would always be very kind to me saying hello when we met. If I sat at the bar she would always come over and sit with me as we talked and at times rub my leg and even brushed my cock a few times making it seem like a accident. When someone played the juke box a slow song we would dance and she would really rub her body on me. and wow being 19 I had a raging hard on and when your 19 wind could do that blowing up your leg and she would just giggle and rub more. After time which it was not long a older lady knows a young man is hungry so she lived near the bar and would ask me to go her place to eat something little did I know it was her that I was going to eat. trust me she needed no foreplay she let me know she was after something. She would just drop her dress and panties and leave on her hose, heels and bra. in time the bra did come off but at first she thought her breast sagged to much. many times when we went to her place as soon as we got in the door she would just flip up her skirt or dress bend over her wing back chair and let me have her fast and hard. One day when we already had a round we went and were laying down on her bed she said did you know the sound of nylons rubbing against nylons is a very sexy sound so she talked me into trying on a pair of her thigh high hose. Little did she know that when I was a few years younger I was in wrestling at school and we had to wear tights and that set off some kind of feeling for me but I did not know what that was until my mom tossed out a old pair of nylons and I grabbed then and took them to my room. I tried them on and wow I had a big hard on and I grabbed a few of my dads old magazines and jacked off. But back in the 60s and 70s you did not talk or tell anyone about something like this or you were doomed. So when she asked me to wear them for her I tried to hold back so she would not think I was gay and I gave in and boy what a wild night we had. After that when we went to her place unless she was really horny and wanted dick now we would go to her bedroom and get undressed and she always had a pair of thigh highs for me and she always wore her nylons , heels and garter belt. When we did 69 the nylons around my head felt so good and I loved her red haired pussy. All I can say now when I look back wow what a woman I only wished I could have met her when we could have been the same age or know her now so we could go to swing clubs or nude camping I miss her very her very much and thank her

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